Hello Listeners!  We are looking for contributions from professionals like you to share with other professionals in an instructional capacity on the E6S-Methods podcast.  If you are interested in submitting your content within the scope of Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Shainan, Workout, Kaizen, A3, Project Management or some other performance improvement methodology, please enter your contact information in the form below.  We are specifically looking for contributions that demonstrate a unique application, a best practice, or a poor execution of the tools listed below, where valuable lessons learned are demonstrated. We are also open to other recommendations. 

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Process Flow Diagram

Detailed Process Map

Fishbone Diagram

Affinity Diagram

C&E Matrix

Gauge R&R/ Measurement System Analysis

Attribute Agreement

Capability Studies

Correlation and Regression

Hypothesis-testing (Mean, Sigma, Attribute)


Weibull Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Voice of Customer - CTQ




Multiple Regression or Designed Experiments



Simplex or Mixture Designed Experiments

Structured Brainstorming

Poke Yoke / Mistake Proofing

Statistical Process Control

Control Plan / Project Transition Plan

Value-Stream Map



Quality Function Deployment/House of Quality

Hoshin Kanri

Strategy Deployment

Stakeholder Analysis