Welcome to the E6S-ProMatch portal.

It is the E6S-ProMatch mission to provide executive recruiters exclusive access to qualified SQuELPMSS professionals and save time by providing valuable candidate screening information.

SQuELPMSS (Science, Quality, Engineering, Lean, Project Management, Six Sigma)

Value Proposition:

  1. SQuELPMSS professionals to submit resumes and record a 1-hour unedited telephone interview that will be posted in a secure area of the website, along with the candidate’s contact information and professional credentials, at no charge.
  2. Provide paid subscription service to recruiters who are looking for qualified candidates. 

Value to subscription holders:

  • Improve candidate selection "hit" rate
  • Save valuable time in candidate screening
  • Reduce costly scheduling of multiple interviews
  • Reduce chasing of uninterested candidates