E6S-003 Recognizing and Selecting Projects

In this episode number 3, “SSSSSS” ***Seek, See, Surveil, Strategize, Sell, Start*** 

The E6S phases to recognizing and selecting performance improvement projects.

1. Seek: Look for opportunities             

  •  What to look for.
Internally: Look at inventory levels.  Look at overtime work.  Company metrics (OTD) . Balanced Scorecard. Scrap and rework rates. Customer complaints.          
Externally: Customer feedback; Sales hit-rates; Repeat sales.  Market reports, competitive benchmarks, surveys, Net-Promote Score
  • All these require some sort of measurement. The key is that you are measuring your processes to know how you are performing       


2. See: Recognize an opportunity                      


  • (COPQ) Cost of Poor Quality (Iceberg analogy)
The “tip” of the iceberg represents only a small portion of the opportunity, but is an indicator of much greater improvements to be had.
  • (COW) Cost of Waste:  Toyota’s 7 Wastes.... Are they visible? 
Inventory levels and WIP are a dead give away for value-stream problems.

3. Surveil or Study: Gather additional information                 

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How much?... Why, Why, Why, Why                     

4. Strategize: Create business case

  • Also known as “Define” - to make business case;
  • Why should this project be done?
  • What are the benefits and opportunities?
  • What about the "Do nothing" option?

5. Sell: Building a consensus                 

  • Fit with company visions, needs,
  • Establish sponsorship (Identify key stakeholders)
  • Prioritize
  • Various consensus building / prioritization tools:
Affinity diagram, vote & discuss, C&E matrix                             

6. Start:  Kick-off

  • Determine the type of project needed (Lean, DMAIC, DFSS,?)
  • Continue with the project phases
  • Kick-off the team
  • Continue to “Sell” and Build consensus                                      

Key Question:  Who should be doing these all these S’s?