E6S-043 Detailed Process Map - Find the Needle!

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, your source for expert advice on Lean, Six Sigma, and performance improvement methods. In this episode number 43, we discuss the differences between the process flow diagram and detailed process map. Here we go. 

***Detailed Process Map – Find the Needle!***                                                                             


I            DPM Detailed information for each process step

a.       Inputs

b.      Outputs

c.       Controls – Settings

II         DPM Software:

a.       Sigma Flow

b.      iGrafX

c.       Excel (Aaron’s preference) (easier to share, easier to list inputs, not as “pretty” as a picture, Copy-Paste into FMEA or C&E matrix.

Click image for excel document.

Click image for excel document.

III      Prioritizing before DPM

a.       Multivote,

b.      Common sense,

c.       C&E matrix

IV      When not to use-

a.       When the process is simple and everyone understands the inputs/variables well. Harvesting ground fruit or low hanging (easy pickin’s low yield scenario).

V         Determining Inputs & outputs

a.       -           Team exercise, input from teams, SME, process owners.

b.      -           6Ms      

i.      Man – Operators, Associates, Human Resources

ii.      Machine – Process Equipment

iii.      Methods – Standard Work, Policies, Procedures

iv.      Materials – Supplies, Raw Materials, Tools

v.      Measurements – Inspections Systems, Measurement Tools, Gauges, Input Settings

vi.      Mother Nature – Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Chronological Time,  Other Uncontrolable factors including Culture and Infrastructure.

***Detailed Process Map – Find the Needle!***  

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