E6S-046 Jacob Requests a Recalibration

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, your source for expert advice on Lean, Six Sigma, and performance improvement methods. In this episode number 46, Jacob requests a sanity check, to recalibrate our program. We have a frank debate regarding the order tools relative to a how we’d conduct them in a real project, especially debating which comes first, Process Maps or Measurement System Analyses. Here we go.

Jacob argues that process mapping and value-stream mapping are analyze tools, and that practitioners should not engage in these time-consuming efforts without first validating the measurement systems are good.

Aaron argues that process mapping is one fundamental part of the measurement phase, and something you can start right away to generate quick wins, and that he doesn't necessarily wait to validate the measurement systems, as they are notoriously bad, but common perception is an effective gauge for a direction.

Outro: Thanks for listening to episode 46 of the E6S-Methods Podcast.  Stay tuned for episode number 47, variations.  Before talk Measurement System Variation, we need to first cover variation, which come in all shapes and sizes.  When it comes to data, pure mean is just evil. Subscribe to past and future episodes on iTunes or stream us live on-demand with Stitcher Radio. Have an idea for an episode? Contact us!  Follow us on twitter @e6sindustries. Join a discussion on LinkedIn. Find outlines and graphics for all shows and more at www.E6S-Methods.com. “Journey Through Success”