E6S-035 Blended DMAIC Smoothie

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, your source for expert advice on Lean, Six Sigma, and performance improvement methods. In this episode number 35 we discuss ditching the serialized DMAIC model for a more efficient and effective of D-M-A-I-C, blended model, with overlapping phases. Here we go. 


***Ditch the Serial DMAIC for the Blended Smoothie***

I            The Serial DMAIC approach is ineffective and false.

a.       Why is it bad?

i.      Stop gaps and toll-gates insert unnecessary project delays

ii.      Confusion over which tool can be used when

iii.      Post-pones improvements

b.      Why the confusion?

i.      How we train it.  It’s easier to train a step-by-step approach, with prescriptive tools for each step.

ii.      We train it as a serialized, stop-gap process, but the reality is that these phases and tools overlap. Few experts fully agree on which tools belong where in the DMAIC framework, because we often use the same tools in different phases.                  

II         Embrace the true Blended DMAIC approach                      

a.       Faster completion

b.      Quicker gains

III      Kick it off with a Work-out, Kaizen Event, Blitz, “off-site” to really kick-start the momentum

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