E6S-062 Process Load and Spaghetti - Value Stream Essentials Part 4

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, your source for expert training, coaching, consulting, and leadership in Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement methods. In this episode number 62 we introduce two more handy and straightforward tools to help you gain quick wins to improving your value stream: the Process Load Chart and the Spaghetti Diagram, closing out our Value Stream Essentials Series with Part 4.  Here we go.

I            Process Load Chart

a.       Graphical representation of what happens in the Value Stream Map

b.      Bar graph for process times of each step relative to Takt Time

c.       Added “Planned Cycle Time”  - A Takt time discounted by 10-20% to account for variation in worker pace & energy.

d.      Shows your capacity constraints/bottle necks (also happens to be where work will pile up)

e.       Shows where to put extra resources or equipment to split up the work if possible.

II         Spaghetti Diagram

a.       Messy representation showing the path of the product through the physical layout (cell, or plant)


b.      Have a layout, walk the process as the product would

i.      Several options to complete

1.      Walk the process laying a ball of string to show visually real-size the travel

2.      Walk the process with a distance counter

3.      Walk the process counting paces (then convert to distance, if necessary)



c.       Output: potential relocation of process steps, or rearrangement of responsibilities. Uncovers transport waste.

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