At Ease

"At Ease" - Ivy , 15

brain cancer

I wish to share my music - Now available on iTunes

 That is 15-year-old, Ivy being granted her wish to share her music. "At Ease" is now available on iTunes. If you make a donation to the E6S-Methods podcast, all proceeds will go to the Make A Wish Foundation through the end of July 2016.  Up to 1000 they'll get a corporate match, so your contribution will be doubled.  Can't really spare the cash? That's totally cool. I'll donate on your behalf. Just send me a quick email, and say "Hi, Aaron. I listen to your podcast....." and I'll give $1. Leave a review on iTunes, and I'll give another dollar, and still tack on the corporate match. There are children in need who are making wishes. We have the power to help grant them.  It's a great cause. Don't get lost in the daily shuffle.  It's just an email. Contact me today and feel good that you did. 

 Email me: = $1 from me

 Leave a Review!; = $1 from me

 Donations: = Whatever you decide!

 (All donations will be forwarded to the Make a Wish Foundation through July 2016, and will receive a corporate match up to $1000)