"Butterfly Don't Fly Away"

"Butterfly Don't Fly Away" - Kassaundra , 7

congenital heart condition

I wish to be a famous singer


This is 7-year-old, Kassaundra being granted her wish to be a famous singer. Kassaundra has a congenital heart condition.  Watch her "Butter Fly Don't Fly Away" video on You-tube or directly on the Make a Wish Foundation website. You know how this works. Send me an email and I'll donate to the Make a Wish Foundation on your behalf. I'll give $1 for the email and another $1 for a review on iTunes. Plus the money will be doubled by a corporate match. Let's help more children live their dreams.  Just an email. Contact me today and feel good that you did. Thank you to all who have already taken that step. 

 Email me: aaron@e6s-methods.com = $1 from me

Leave a Review! http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes; = $1 from me

Donations: http://bit.ly/E6S-Donate = Whatever you decide!

(All donations will be forwarded to the Make a Wish Foundation through July 2016, and will receive a corporate match up to $1000)