E6S-075 The 8 Wastes: Go the extra MILE MR TOYOTA- Part 4 - Over Processing and Transportation

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, brought to you by E6S Industries, your source for expert training, consulting, and leadership in business performance and continuous improvement methods, like Lean and Six Sigma. In this episode number 75 we continue our "8 wastes" discussion with an in-depth look at Over Processing and Transportation.  "Go the Extra MILE MR TOYOTA - Part 4.  Here we go. http://bit.ly/E6S-075; http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes                                 

Recall: Go the extra MILE:  (Mitigate, Investigate, Litigate, Eliminate) ; MR TOYOTA  (Motion, Reserves, Transport, Overproduction, Yield Problems, Over processing, Talents, Awaiting Availability)

I            Over Processing – Putting in more effort than needed

a.       What it “looks” like

i.      Well Hidden

1.      Tasks taking longer than expected or standard cycle time

2.      Overly designed or constrained

3.      “Excessive” quality

4.      Repeating the same or similar steps (Redundancy)

5.      Reworking of defects

6.      Band-aid reactions to past quality excursions

7.      Transporting WIP - By definition is putting more work into the part than necessary.

b.      Examples        

i.      Redundant patient paperwork in the Emergency Room intake

ii.      Removing coating or paint overspray from an unwanted area, or even applying masking to these areas before-hand.

iii.      Mirror polish on a hidden, painted, non-visible surface, or that will be later removed

c.       Common Root Causes (May need 5 Why’s)

i.      Legacy from pilot-scale or semi-works launch

1.      Same procedures being used as when it was first developed as a proof of concept, but never refined

ii.      Over-perfectionism or unclear quality requirements/standards

iii.      Silo functional organizational structures, without communication.

d.      Potential Remedies    

i.      Critically Ask: Who’s the real customer here, and what do they want?  Subordinate all tasks, systems, and processes to that.

1.      In the ER, who’s the real customer? (Patient, Insurance Company, Hospital Administrators, Regulatory Agency….?)

ii.      Empowered Continual Improvement

1.      Don’t assume the design has to be perfect before implementation – Active progress over delayed perfection

2.      Don’t assume the initial design is how it “must” be kept

3.      Things change. Advancements are made.  Need to keep working at it. Cannot be eliminated, but continually minimizes

II         Transportation – Transporting WIP

a.       What it “looks” like

i.      Moving Containers of materials

1.      By vehicle

2.      By foot

ii.      Spaghetti on a layout (spaghetti diagram)

b.      Examples

i.      Fork truck transporting WIP from the “outbox” of one department to the “inbox” of another department

ii.    Expediting approval paperwork (walking it through)

iii.      Mailing, emailing or faxing paperwork to another office.

iv.      Global distribution networks

v.      Production plant utilities, cooling water, steam, power.


c.       Common Root Causes (May need 5 Why’s)

i.      We don’t produce at the location where the product is consumed

1.      Share Cutting fluid example (high volume custom chemistry with only one customer)

a.       RMs shipped by boat from China and arrive in US at Pacific port

b.      Delivered and Consumed (converted to final product) in Midwest

c.       Final product delivered back to the Pacific area for consumption

ii.      Poor office or plan layout

iii.      Global commerce and off-shoring

d.      Potential Remedies    

i.      Change the Layout or Distribution Network

1.      Cellular Layout Design 

2.      Co-locate production with consumption

a.       Satellite production areas

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