E6S-101Bonus- Give Thanks and Rebroadcast of LSS Holiday Blues

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, your source for expert training, coaching, consulting, and leadership in Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement methods. In this episode number 101Bonus, we give "Thanks" and a a rebroadcast of our "LSS Holiday Blues" episode.  Happy Holidays!  Here we go. http://bit.ly/E6S-101bonus; http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes


I            Personal life

a.       Healthy wife, kids and dog

b.      Wife's soap company and new job search going well

c.       Making progress working on the house

II         Professional life

a.       Promotion in my day job

b.      Stanford Entrepreneurship Certification Courses

c.       New podcasts I listen to

i.      Startup Business

1.      Statrtup Dad Headquarters (Joel Louis)

2.      Stacking Bricks (Alex Hillman & Amy Hoy)

3.      Startup Podcast (Gimlet Media - Alex Blumberg)

4.      Lean Startup (Eric Ries)

ii.      Life

1.      Art of Charm (Jordan Harbinger)

2.      Nice Guys on Business (Doug Sandler)

iii.      Professional Skills

1.      Jobs-to-be-done Radio (Chris Spiek, Bob Moesta)

2.      Speaking of Reliability (Fred Schenkelberg)

3.      Engineering Commons (Jeff Shelton)

4.      The Engineering Career Coach Podcast (Anthony Fasano)

5.      The Project Management Podcast (Cornelius Fichtner)

6.      The Visual Workplace Podcast: Works that makes sense (Gwendolyn Galsworth)

7.      Brutal Truth about Sales and Selling (Brian Burns)

III      E6S Life

a.       President of a medium aerospace company reached out about receiving BB/GB training

b.      Good feedback from listeners

i.      Brion Hurley

ii.      Fred Schenkelberg - curated our feed on his site

iii.      Danny Porter

1.      Looking for good GB training

iv.      Nicholas Lizarraga

1.      Saving up for GB training

v.      Paris Thalassinos

c.       Great line-up of podcasts guests from IIE conference

i.      Last week was Vic Wilson. This upcoming week is Johanna Ficatier for her project to help veterans with glaucoma.

d.      750+ listeners and climbing

e.       LinkedIn group 55 members

f.       Meetup group 47 members (Somerville, NJ)

i.      2 completed meetups; 1 coming up Dec 1st

g.      Upcoming

i.      ASQ Lean Six Sigma conference February 2016

1.      Still not sure I'm going

2.      3-hour session about training in Service Industry

ii.      Book - "Is Lean Six Sigma Right for Me?"

1.      Still in progress

iii.      New Products to come in 2016

1.      New and Revised Templates

2.      Training Videos

3.      Physical Products

4.      Subscription Plan

5.      Looking for good podcast sponsors - if you have any ideas, let me know.

h.      Extremely Thankful for Jacob - who takes the time out of his busy schedule to help me put these episodes together

IV      Other?


 CALL TO ACTION : LEAVE A REVIEW ON I-TUNES - Takes 2 minutes.  And have a great holiday.


****Beware LSS Holiday Blues****           

Objection 1:  My project is too important for people to give up on; it will be there when I get back. 

Counter 1: The bigger the project, the bigger the risks.  More moving parts, more stakeholders to keep contained on your side, more people to keep momentum with.

Objection 2:  We don't get a lot of holidays/vacation so it's not an issue     

Counter 2: Holidays and vacation times off are only part of the equation; also at issue are end-of-year rushes, travel restrictions, holiday distractions.


I            The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years can present a significant Risk to projects                    

a.       Typical long holidays and vacations. 

b.      Added stresses & distractions from holiday shopping.

c.       Personal Experiences:

i.      Big Project 1: Interrupted by holidays and new prevailing internal priorities for short gains, over the larger scope project.  Project paused in November without proper closure, and team never reconvened. Several key action items were never implemented.

ii.      Big Project 2: Interrupted by holidays and end-of-year rush to get new equipment up and running.  Project closure required a significant rescoping of the goal.  Cut scope back by about 70%, and closed by delivering training so they could take over, which was politically difficult.

II         Even if it's not a holiday risk, End-of-Fiscal year risks also exist.   

a.       People rushing to finish up their end-of-year objectives. 

b.      Final sales blitzes.

c.       Travel restrictions & budget cuts, hiring freeze, cancelled capital expense, etc.                                                       

III      In addition to the Western Holidays, eating up November & December, Global projects also can be impacted by other external factors.  Different cultures have other times of year that present risks

a.       Golden Weeks - Chinese New Year Jan or Feb & National Day Oct;

b.      Brazilian Carnival – February

c.       Summer vacation seasons      

IV      What to do if...:

a.       You’ve got time to plan

i.      Pre-plan to avoid the holiday risks or other large external factors

1.      Choose resources that will be available without interruption

2.      Scope & budget appropriately

b.      It’s already too late, the holidays are approaching.

 i.      Keep the pressure on your team members and stake holders

ii.      Find a sensible pause point or shrink the scope

1.      if the project gets tabled or killed, all is not lost.

iii.      Enlist substitute resources who will be more available.  These may become the new permanent resources for your team.

                ****Beware LSS Holiday Blues****                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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