E6S-115 Magic Formula of Scripted Six Sigma- Stuck in the Shu!

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I            What is the Magic Formula?

a.       CharteràSIPOCàMSAàSPCàCapabilityàProcess MapàFishboneàC&Eà FMEAàDOE or Hypothesis TestàBrainstorm SolutionsàC&Eà ActionsàSPCàControl PlanàPTAP

II         Why/How does it work?

a.       Provided a framework for novices to follow until they understand the “spirit” of each tool

i.      Don’t need to be a master to get the benefits.  Results “fall out” as a result of the process

b.      Shu-Ha-Ri

i.      Japanese martial arts

1.      shu (守?) "protect", "obey" — traditional wisdom — learning fundamentals, techniques, heuristics, proverbs

a.       In shu, we repeat the forms and discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb the forms that our forebears created. We remain faithful to these forms with no deviation.

2.      ha (破?) "detach", "digress" — breaking with tradition — detachment from the illusions of self

a.       Next, in the stage of ha, once we have disciplined ourselves to acquire the forms and movements, we make innovations. In this process the forms may be broken and discarded.

3.      ri (離?) "leave", "separate" — transcendence — there are no techniques or proverbs, all moves are natural, becoming one with spirit alone without clinging to forms; transcending the physical

a.       Finally, in ri, we completely depart from the forms, open the door to creative technique, and arrive in a place where we act in accordance with what our heart/mind desires, unhindered while not overstepping laws."[1]


ii.      Army “Crawl, Walk, Run”

III      Benefits

a.       Gets people started. Progress over perfection

b.      Some people cannot operate without the linear model

i.      Difficulty operating in a more nebulous environment

IV      Risks? When will it not work?

a.       Takes longer than most expect

i.      Part of the learning curve, belts may use tools that don’t quite fit

ii.      Team members don’t understand the rationale of some tools, but go along for the ride… bail early if it’s taking too long

b.      Creates an unhealthy dogma in the culture. 

i.      People who never reach Ri believe the magic is in the Shu. Follow the formula in every context

1.      Apply capability analysis to business processes that actually have no spec defined

2.      Do FMEA when problems are obvious

ii.      Practitioners in Ri held back by those stuck in Shu

1.      Champions stuck in Shu, don’t understand a Ri interpretation and approach

2.      If forced to behave in Shu, deliverables become a “check in the box” and are of lesser value.  Spirit of the tool lost.

c.       When you need to go deeper for information, deep data dive

i.      The “magic” formula enables more of a rapid screening of process steps that consensus believes is less likely the culprit. Risk missing something based on consensus.

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