E6S-163 Think Opposite with Alison Donaghey - Domino Thinking

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Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, your weekly dose of tips and tricks to achieve excellent performance in your business and career.  Join us as we explore deeper into the practical worlds of Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management and Design Thinking.  In this episode number 163, we speak with speaker, author, and successful business owner, Alison Donaghey, about her message and new book, Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World.   If you're just tuning in for the first time, find all our back episodes on our podcast table of contents at e6s-methods.com. If you like this episode, be sure to click the "like" link in the show notes.  It's easy.  Just tap our logo, click and you're done. Tap-click-done!  Here we go. http://bit.ly/E6S-163 Leave a Review! http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes


I            BIO: Thought Strategist ... what an ideal way to describe Alison Donaghey who also serves as a speaker, successful business owner, consultant and author of Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World.  Alison specializes in challenging people to suspend their belief and explore the opposite of what they believe.  Then they proceed with clarity because they either remain firm in their original belief or they shift to apoint of view that they are more aligned with.  She can share countless examples of how encouraging others to question their status quo often leads to improvements not only in their world but the world.

II         What is "Domino Thinking?" What does that mean?

a.       Think Opposite!

i.      Shift our thinking

ii.      Suspend beliefs

iii.      Better Connection and Communication

III       "There was an old lady who swallowed a lie..."

a.       Our conditioning

i.      Girls can't throw

ii.      Boys don't cry

iii.      Post-pone the good things in life and save up

iv.      Anecdote from book:

1.      Friend took trip to Haiti with daughter and met some "under-privileged" girls and invited them to the high-end hotel and swim in the pool.

a.       You were not impressed by this demonstration of generosity.  How could this be bad?

IV      How do you balance "thinking opposite" questioning our "truths," etc, with delaying decisions, indecisiveness or being too risk averse?  How do we avoid falling into that trap or the perception of such a trap?

V         The Problem with Homogeneous Thinking?

VI      What is the Hell Yeah? 

a.       Why is it needed?

b.      How does the "Hell Yeah" related to "Domino Thinking"

VII   Challenge to audience: Think opposite once a day!

VIII                      Reference Links

a.       http://ctrnetwork.com/profile/ThinkOpposite

b.      https://www.facebook.com/dominothinking/

c.       https://twitter.com/AlisonDonaghey

d.      https://www.instagram.com/dominothinking/

e.       https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisondonaghey

f.       website - dominothinking.com

g.      email info@dominothinking.com


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