E6S-178 Agile Requirement Gathering - User Stories Part 1

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I            Requirements Gathering

a.       Here’s a set of requirements usually provided to a team that they are expected to build a product off of.

i.      Product should have a steel body

ii.      Product should have 4 wheels

iii.      Product should have rubber attached to wheel

iv.      Product should have multi speed transmission

What is the product that you would build?

b.      Now, if the requirements were given in a slightly different way such as:

i.      As a user, I want to mow my lawn quickly and easily

ii.      As a user, I want to be comfortable while mowing my lawn

What would you build now??

c.       What is the difference between the two scenario’s?

i.      Scenario 1 spend more time giving the “how” I am expecting you to build or gave in detail what needed to be done without giving any context to “what” needs to be build and “why” its needs to be build.

ii.      Scenario 2 only explained the issue or the experience that the customer is looking for and why it is necessary for them.

d.      The method of representing the what and the why vs the how is what’s usually referred as User Story.


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