E6S-190E E6S Holiday Special: A Business Carol - Stave 5 – Author Anwar El-Homsi


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Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, brought to you by E6S Industries, your weekly dose of tips and tricks to achieve excellent performance in your business and career.  Join us as we explore deeper into the practical worlds of Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management and Design Thinking.  In this episode number 190E, we wrap up with Stave 5 of the audio release of "A Business Carol," as well as some final words. To get the full commercial free release (for free), fill out the form at http://e6s-methods.com/book-releases or email me, "Aaron,"  directly at aaron@e6s-methods.com. If you like this episode, be sure to click the "like" link in the show notes.  It's easy.  Just tap our logo, click and you're done. Tap-click-done! Here we go. http://bit.ly/E6S-190E; http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes







I            A Business Carol: Basically, what is the story about?

a.       What inspired you to write it?

II         Without giving up too much, tell us about Dave?  I think we all have a “Dave” in our offices.

III      Quotation: “Anwar, really!  Be present.  You’re worrying about the past.  You’re worrying about the future.  You’re missing the present, this current moment.” “Be. Here. Now.”

IV      Some Cameo Appearances: Economist Adam Smith, Dr. Deming, First IBM PC, A sinister future,

V          Quotation: “Stop hoarding tiny crumbs while the loaf of life grows stale right in front of you. Break the bread and spread it around.”

VI       A Business Carol is available to download for free at the links in the show notes.  And – as valuable listeners Anwar and I have teamed up to give you an audio version of the book featuring ME (Aaron Spearin) as the narrator.

a.       Free audiobook: http://e6s-methods.com/book-releasees  

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VII   Who is Dr. Anwar El-Homsi? Author, Engineer, Statistician, and Systems Thinker: He has over 20 years of quality, reliability, and statistics experience in a variety of industries.  Dr. El-Homsi held engineering and management positions at Verizon, Space Systems Loral, and Cisco Systems and he has been a Consultant for Fortune 100 to privately held companies and non-profit organizations such as are Bausch & Lomb, Bombardier, GM, American Red Cross, JPMorgan Chase, Excellus BlueCross, Preferred Care, Wegmans, and Abraxis BioScience. Dr. El-Homsi specializes in Design and Innovation, Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Reliability Engineering, and Statistical Analysis. He is the originator of the CREŌ problem solving model and the author of four books: “Harmonization”, “A Business Carol”, “Corporate Sigma”, and “TPS-Lean Six Sigma”. 


Outro: Thanks for listening to episode 190E of the E6S-Methods podcast. Be sure to get your free copy of "A Business Carol" and share it with a friend.  "Break the bread and spread it around."  Jacob and I wish all of you listeners out there a Happy Holiday, whichever one you celebrate.  Happy Kwanzukkahstmas. Don't forget to click "like" or "dislike" for this episode in the show notes. Tap-click-done!  If you have a question, comment or advice, leave a note in the comments section or contact us directly. Feel free to email me "Aaron," aaron@e6s-methods.com, or on our website, we reply to all messages.  If you heard something you like, then share us with a friend or leave a review.  Didn't like what you heard? Join our LinkedIn Group, and tell us why.  Don't forget you can find notes and graphics for all shows and more at www.E6S-Methods.com. "Journey Through Success. If you're not climbing up, you're falling down."    Leave a Review! http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes


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