Dreaming Uncontrolled - Make a Wish Campaign Announcement

Thank you to everyone who answered the call to action for the Make a Wish Foundation campaign.  We only missed our goal of $1000 by $950.... Roughly... haha, but all is not lost. I have decided to double the contributions and match, and the Make a Wish Foundation will receive a full donation of $216.  As I mentioned this was an experiment, and I learned a lot. I learned that I suck at fundraising, and that this was the wrong approach to reach most of you, our listeners.  Maybe it was too much, too soon, or just the wrong campaign for our demographic. I accept that.  And for all of you, please accept I will keep trying new things. I hope you stick around and answer the call-to-action that is truly compelling for you.  In the meantime, please continue to enjoy what content Jacob and I continue to produce.  To close out this campaign, please stay tuned for one more song.  This is from 14-year-old Emily, who was granted her wish to have her song professionally recorded. now available on iTunes. 


"Dreaming Uncontrolled" - Emily , 14

end stage renal disease

I wish to have my song professionally recorded - Now available on iTunes