E6S-021 It Takes a Village- LSS Champion & Community - Part 1

***It Takes A Village***             LSS Community for Program success                                                     


I            Main Failure Points: The Champions and the Black Belts are central to the success of the LSS projects.  The LSS Executive and Master Black Belts are central to the success of the LSS Program

LSS Program Community

II         Who they are in the LSS community and their role:            

a.       LSS Program Lead/Executive – Facilitates program steering team, sets expectations for Sponsors and Champions.  Ensure proper resourcing. Ultimate authority over program direction.  Manages a program of several focus areas or geographies.

b.      Sponsor/Champion Team – “Cabinet” members to the LSS Program Lead.  High level business decision makers and key program stakeholders.  Pool from which project champions are assigned.  Peer police group for project champions.

c.       LSS Master Black Belt – Subject matter experts in LSS methods.  Teachers, coaches and advisors to the LSS Executive Lead, Project Champion and Project Manager.  Coaches and oversees several projects at a time.

LSS Project Community

d.      Project Sponsor/Champion – Project Owner.  Responsible for the project success.  Maintains pressure. Removes roadblocks.  Ensures project is properly resourced with direction from MBB and Project Leader (BB/GB)

e.       LSS Black Belt or Green Belt Project Leader – LSS tool practictioners.  Manage Project Team resources, timeline, and budget.  Facilitates LSS tools, coaches team, handles team and stakeholder dynamics.

f.       Project Team – “Doers” within the project.  Cross-functional subject matter experts and action owners in the area of project focus.  The “bearers” of the solutions.

g.      Project Area Process Owner – Lead stakeholder in the area of the project focus.  May be the area lead, supervisor, operations manager or process engineer.  Ensures resources are available to participate on the team and opportunity is given to run experiments within the process.  May or may not be a team member.

h.      Financial Representative – Assists with Financial Benefits Measurement/ Valuation Strategy.  Monitors and reports financial progress throughout the phases of the project. 

i.        Champion/Sponsor has a central role in each individual project, equally important as the project leader (GB/BB).  Top reason for project failure is a poorly engaged Sponsor/Champion