E6S-022 It Takes a Village- LSS Champion & Community - Part 2

III           What if these roles are not being fulfilled?  (“Lame” for lack of better term.) How do you pick up the slack?                      

LSS Program Community-E6S
LSS Project Community - E6S

a.       Lame LSS Program Lead/Executive –

i.      Impact: Individual projects primarily unaffected.  Overall program can become disjointed, “silo-ed,” and lack strategic direction.

ii.      Workaround: MBBs can pick up the slack, particularly in their geographical areas. They have the tools and know-how to facilitate champion team.  However, they usually do not have the same authority the LSS Executive has to keep the Champion Team in check. Would need to operate on behalf-of the CEO or top area executive.

b.      Lame Sponsor/Champion Team –

i.      Impact: Program and Projects suffer.  The peer accountability will be gone.  No ownership over projects selected.

ii.      Workaround: LSS Executive Lead needs to jump in.  Recharge or replace the Champion Team members. Retraining and alteration of incentives may be required.

c.       Lame LSS Master Black Belt –

i.      Impact: Some projects may suffer, primarily those that are more technical. Training and coaching may be sparse, which could cause the program itself to fizzle out, especially in a local geography.

ii.      Workaround: Black Belts can step up and peer mentor each others project of technical difficulty.  The Champion will also need to step up to ensure the Black Belt is on steady ground with the project and help maintain project scope.

d.      Lame Project Sponsor/Champion –

i.      Impact: Project lagging, or failure. Without the authority of the champion/sponsor, the detractors can gain greater footing and stall any changes to the status quo.  Black Belts may also become complacent.

ii.      Workaround:  MBB can step in to give greater assistance to the Black Belts, particularly regarding stakeholder and team management.  Process Owners can assume some level of project authority if the Sponsor is “lame.”

e.       Lame LSS Black Belt or Green Belt Project Leader –

i.      Impact: Project Failure.  Poor leadership or mastery of the tools

ii.      Workaround: The MBB and Champion step in for greater support.  If the project leader cannot be helped, replace them.

f.       Lame Project Team – 

i.      Impact: Project Failure.  Insufficient input from the area experts can lead to the incorrect conclusions.

ii.      Workaround: BB needs to take control of the team.  This is the BB’s whole purpose.  Work with Champion to decide whether or not to switch out resources or remove other obstacles.

g.      Lame Project Area Process Owner –

i.      Impact: Project Failure or delays. Resistance from this person is common.

ii.      Workaround: Good Stakeholder management from BB and the Champion.  Part of normal project management

h.      Lame Financial Representative –

i.      Impact: Financial benefits are not being captured, improper valuation, etc.

ii.      Workaround: The Black Belt and Champion pick up the slack.                                             

IV         It takes a village and the Champion Plays a central role.