E6S-077 The 8 Wastes: Go the extra MILE, MR TOYOTA - Part 5 - Defects and Motion

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, brought to you by E6S Industries, your source for expert training, consulting, and leadership in business performance and continuous improvement methods, like Lean and Six Sigma. In this episode number 77 we conclude our series on the "8 wastes" with an in-depth look at Defects and Motion  "Go the Extra MILE MR TOYOTA - Part 5.  Here we go. http://bit.ly/E6S-077; http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes

Recall: Go the extra MILE:  (Mitigate, Investigate, Litigate, Eliminate) ; MR TOYOTA  (Motion, Reserves, Transport, Overproduction, Yield Problems, Over processing, Talents, Awaiting Availability)

8 Wastes : Part 5

I            Defects – Poor quality. Not right the first time.

a.       What it “looks” like

i.      Inventory: Scrap or Rework bins

ii.      Customer misrouting (invisible unless they call back)

iii.      Website Exit Page (abandonment)

iv.      Customer Returns or complaints

v.      Refunds, Rebates

vi.      Legal or Warranty claims

1.      Incorrect diagnoses or surgeries

2.      Environmental violations

3.      Product Recalls

vii.      Hidden

1.      Hidden Factory

a.       Rework - WIP backing up due to capacity constraint - waiting for rework

i.      Late orders or overtime hours

2.      Unreported defects

b.      Common Root Causes (May need 5 Why’s)

i.      Normal process variation; too large relative to customer specs

ii.      Process running off target

iii.      Mistakes

c.       Potential Remedies    

i.      Proactive

1.      Continuous improvement program

2.      LSS project; DOE; FMEA; Mistake Proofing

3.      New Process Design Project

ii.      Reactive

1.      8D; Root Cause/Corrective Action Process

2.      Quality Assurance program

3.      In-process QC & Andon cord

a.       Empowered workforce

II         Motion – Excess movement to get the job done.

a.       What it “looks” like

i.      Busy-ness

1.      Rush & Chaos

a.       Localized "spaghetti"

2.      Localized Spaghetti

ii.      Human Factors Issues

1.      Fatigue

2.      Injuries & Strains due to repetitive motion

iii.      Downtime due to Searching (includes searching through computer files or internet)

1.                  poor 5S causes motion

b.      Common Root Causes (May need 5 Why’s)

i.      Non-engineered processes; Stuck with "old" way without refinement

ii.      Poor work area layout

iii.      Materials or Resources not available where needed

1.      Shared Assets/Resources for different work streams

iv.      Worker confusion

c.       Potential Remedies    

i.                  Kaizen & Continuous Improvement

1.      Empowerment

ii.      5S

iii.      Standard work

 CALL TO ACTION:  We've gone through all the waste in greater detail than you might get in any resource, certainly more than any podcast.  We've given you ways to see it, some root causes and some solution ideas.  Now do something. These wastes surround us everyday.   See it, feel it, hate it and get rid of it. GO the extra mile.

***Go the extra MILE MR TOYOTA!***                                                                                                                                          

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