E6S-107 Hello 2016- Two years down

*** Hello 2016- Two years down***                                                                             

Intro:  Welcome to the E6S-Methods podcast with Jacob and Aaron, brought to you by E6S Industries, your weekly dose of tips and tricks to achieve excellent performance in your business and career.  Join us as we explore deeper into the practical worlds of Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management and Design Thinking.  This episode number 107, Jacob and I welcome in 2016 and celebrate two years of the E6S-Methods podcast.  We reflect on 2015 and reveal plans for 2016. Here we go. http://bit.ly/E6S-107; http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes                                                  

I            2015 Reflection

a.       What went well?

 i.      Personal/Professional?

ii.      E6S-Methods related?

1.      Free audio book: http://e6s-methods.com/book-releases 

a.       Submit your info on the form to receive the free audiobook A Business Carol.

2.      Institute for Industrial Engineers LSS Conference - Some great connections

3.      Good conversations with some listeners

4.      ~750 Weekly subscribers, Up more than 500 from last year;

5.      Total 112 Episodes released, 54 in 2015

b.      Not so well?

i.      Personal/Professional?

ii.      E6S-Methods related?

1.      LinkedIn postings participation down

2.      Somerville , NJ Meetup Group

3.      iTunes reviews

c.       Aaron & Jacob's favorites?

d.      Audience favorites?

i.      More recent ones 105, 106 (Dismiss)

ii.      097 Bonus - Zombie Proj-ocalypse Remastered

iii.      094& 095 Jacob talks supply chain

iv.      090 If tools ruled

v.      083 FSVSM & VAFA

vi.      023 Don't skimp the Charter

vii.      015 Project Scoping

II         2016 Looking forward

a.       Episode plans

i.      More Guests

1.      5S on the Brain - Gabriela Spagnol

2.      LSS on Parachute Bag Production - Hussain Abualkhair and Faisal Aldawood

3.      Business Momentum with Lean - Helmut Welke

4.      Lean Six Sigma Recruiting Trends - Looking for a guest

5.      Dealing with Jerks in Projects - Looking for a guest

ii.      More Tools

1.      C&E

2.      Fishbone

3.      FMEA

4.      Reliability

5.      Running a virtual meeting & virtual teams

6.      Coaching & mentoring skills

7.      SCRUM Master vs. Project Manager

b.      Product/Service/Event Ideas

i.      Live Google hang-outs/chat events

ii.      Value Stream Mapping Essentials Kit - Materials & Instructions

iii.      Self-paced Subscription-based Lean Six Sigma certification program

1.      Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Lean, Design, etc.

2.      Videos, Templates, Live Coaching

iv.      Book: Is Lean Six Sigma Right for Me?

v.      Episodes on You-tube

vi.      Full episode transcripts for download or to your email

c.       Recent changes

i.      New iTunes Artwork

ii.      Episode table of contents on website- http://e6s-methods.com/table-of-contents/

iii.      Student testimonials on website

iv.      Cancelling Somerville, NJ Meetup Group

v.      New Amazon Author Page - http://amazon.com/author/aaronspearin

III      Final thoughts?


Outro: Thanks for listening to episode 107 of the E6S-Methods podcast.  Stay tuned for episode number 108 where we interview two practitioners about their project to improve parachute bag production for the Industry of the Blind.  If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, contact us through our website or tweet us at @e6sindustries.  Join any of the hundreds of discussions started on LinkedIn. Leave a review on iTunes and share us with a friend.  Find show notes and graphics for all shows and more at www.E6S-Methods.com. "Journey Through Success. If you're not climbing up, you're falling down.  Leave a Review! http://bit.ly/E6S-iTunes