E6S-113 Customer Journey and Experience Part 2- De-United, but Maybe There's Hope

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Click for full journey map

Click for full journey map

I            Real-life customer experiences

a.       United Airlines

i.      Consistently bad experience

1.      Bad systems

2.      Bad culture

3.      Bad policies

Click for full journey map.

Click for full journey map.

ii.      They say they’re coming back (not sure I’ll give them the chance to prove it

1.      https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-united-airlines-plotting-customer-service-comeback-elliott?trk=pulse-det-nav_art

2.      Check out the excel file for the full journey map in the show notes

b.      National Car Rental

i.      Consistently good experience

1.      Easy in & out

2.      Never an issue

3.      Courteous service

c.       Best Buy

i.      One very bad experience (save for future episode)

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