E6S-136 Jonny B. Ermuda - A Tale of a Project Lost

In this episode number 136, please enjoy an excerpt from my "coming soon" book, "Is Lean Six Sigma Right for Me?" with a story about Jonny B. Ermuda in a "Tale of a Project Lost."

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E6S-135 Bit o'Agile

In this episode number 135, we discuss a "Bit o'Agile."  Now this episode is a little bit different, because it was unplanned. (Jacob actually didn't even know I was recording.) So I hope you enjoy some of this candid and raw conversation about different parts of agile.  If you want to learn more about agile, drop us a note and we'll include more in a later episode. 

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E6S-008 (Rebroadcast) Running a Team Meeting

In this rebroadcast of episode number 8,  Jacob and I discuss how to run a team meeting.   We give recommendations for effective facilitation of a team, how to get the most out of your meeting and what you can do to avoid meeting derailment.

I hate rebroadcasts, so I apologize. I fell ill this week and don't have the energy put together a new episode.  Please enjoy this "oldie," if you haven't already heard it.  For the rest, we'll be back next week.

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